11 Tips for Working Remotely [VIDEO]

I am nine months into living as a nomad and I decided to transition to creating more video blogs since it is easier to film while on the road rather than writing. I am truly more of a writer at heart, but I think this will help get more content out there for fellow adventurers.

I get asked a lot what it is like to live and work on the road as well as how I got my current job. When I try to explain what I do, I am mostly met with confused looks, so in attempts to show you a bit of what it’s really like, I will share some of my tips for working remotely. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, I’ve written out a short recap below:

  1. Discipline: First, in order to get a remote job, you need to prove that you are disciplined.
  2. Schedule: Stick to a schedule. Treasure your routine, wake up at the same time and end work at the same time.
  3. Timezone: Choose one timezone to work in no matter where you are.
  4. Weekends: Protect your weekends, even if it means you are working longer hours during the week.
  5. Food: Prepare your food and eat regular meals. This will reduce distractions during your day.
  6. Environment: Change your environment periodically throughout the day as you switch projects.
  7. Focus: Don’t mix work and personal. Don’t do laundry or talk to your mom or schedule appointments.
  8. Music: Listen to music. It will help distract you from outside noise.
  9. Coworkers: Communicate expectations, over communicate with them on where you are and when you are available.
  10. Make friends: Spend time calling your coworkers! Ask them about their life, which takes a lot more intentionality than working in an office together.
  11. Tech: If you want to succeed as a remote worker, you need the right tools, which are different than what you need for an office. You’ll need: a laptop, Spotify, noise-cancelling headphones, MiFi, cord cases for organization and a durable bag where you store everything and can bring with you everywhere.

Would love to hear from you on what your experiences are living and working on the road!

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