8 Texts That Prove You Just Can’t Adult Anymore

We’ve all had those moments where we just throw up our hands and say, I give up. I have a terrible (or wonderful?) habit of taking screenshots of texting conversations where that has been the case for me, and of course whenever I look back at them, I cannot help but laugh (mostly at myself). You’d think that a third of the way through my life I would be a well-functioning adult, but alas, we all have our moments. I recently stumbled upon several ridiculous conversations that I have had with various friends throughout the years and felt that they were too good not to share. More to come in future posts!

1. You’ve reached “dude status” with the guy you’re dating.

 2. You choose your neighborhood based on number of men with beards.

 3. Instead of taking sound medical advice when you have a fever, you choose bourbon.

4. You send a calendar invite to your back-up plan guy.

5. You fail your vegetarian friend by not stoping her from going off the deep end.

6. You use living in a van as your pick-up line.

 7. Weapons become your new fashion accessory.

 8. You rely on a friend to make your major life choices.

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